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email: mirko.grimaldi.unisalento.it
phone: +39 0832 335082
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Main research interests:
Neurolinguistcs; Phonetics-Phonology interface; Second language phonology acquisitions: Sociolinguistic and pragmatic processes within the Computer-Mediated Communication
Short Curriculum:
Mirko Grimaldi is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Literature, Philosophy, Languages and Cultural Heritage (University of Salento), where he also teaches Psycholinguistics. He is Vice-President of the Degree Council in Languages, Cultures and Foreign Literatures (L11) and in Modern Languages, Literatures and Translation (LM37) He graduated from University of Florence with a dissertation in Italian Dialectology, where he also obtained the PhD in Linguistics, and a research fellow position in acoustic phonetics and phonology. At the University of Salento he ideated and actually directs the Centro di Ricerca Interdisciplinare sul Linguaggio (CRIL – www.cril.unisalento.it), set up with European Union Funds under the Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) 2000-2006 (Scientific Research, Technological Development, Higher Education, Dir. Decree of the Ministry for Education and Research, MIUR, number 1312, 09.07.2003). The CRIL carries out research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Speech Sciences. The CRIL concentrated in a single space innovative instruments, usually scattered in different laboratories around the world, to study in an interdisciplinary way the brain processes related to the complex activity of the larynx, tongue, lips, orofacial muscles and eye movements. At the same time, at CRIL one can get in integrated way neurophysiological and bioimaging data related to the vocal tract articulators. Thus, the CRIL offers the unique opportunity, present only in a few research Centers in Europe, to investigate the neural basis of the processes of speech perception and production. The CRIL is the ideal place to develop research integrating different perspectives and methods – linguistic, psychology, medicine, engineering, computer science, physics – to give a definitive contribution to understand the physiology of the language and the anatomical-functional organization of language in the brain. He published the book ‘Nuove ricerche sul vocalismo tonico del Salento meridionale. Analisi acustica e trattamento fonologico dei dati, Alessandria, dell’Orso, 2003. Together with Laila Craighero (University of Ferrrara) edited the special issue ‘Is a Neural Theory of Language Possible? Issues from an Interdisciplinary Perspective’, Journal of Neurolingusitics, 25 (5), 2012.
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