Web pages on acoustic, auditory, articulatory and aerodynamic aspects related to speech :

- Phonetics Resources on the Web

- Websites on Acoustic Phonetics and General Acoustics

- IPA Website

- The vocal tract and larynx

- Peter Ladefoged Vowel and Consonants

- Peter Ladefoged Homepage

- UCLA Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory

- The Ear

- Auditory Function

- The Cochlea

- Speech Physiology Topics

- Experimental Phonetic and Second Language Acquisition Bibliography

- Interactive Sagittal Section of the Vocal Tract

- Speech Ultrasound Research


Web pages on neuroscientific aspects of language and speech :

- Neuroscienze On-line Resources

- Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

- Neuroanatomy Atlas

- Language Imaging Laboratory

- International Society for Transcranial Stimulation

- The evolution of the Human Intelligence

- Brain Connection

- Useful Link on Neuroimaing

- Brain Explorer

- Language and the Brain

- Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences

- Siti anatomici di particolare Interesse

- SISSA – Sector of Cognitive Neuroscienze


Research centres, laboratories and associations :

- Associazione Italiana di Scienze della Voce

- International Speech Communication Association

- Interdisciplinary Speech Research Laboratory – Columbia

- Vocal Tract Visualization Laboratory – University of Maryland Baltimore Dental School

- Haskins Laboratories

- Neurolab Università di Ferrara

- Speech Research Links

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