CRIL, an interdisciplinary speech and language research centre, is the brainchild of Mirko Grimaldi who has been assisted since its incipiency by Barbara Gili Fivela. Part of the Department of Humanistic studies of the University of the Salento, it was set up with European Union Funds under the National Operative Program (NOP) 2000-2006, [Scientific Research, Technological Development, Higher Education, for regions listed in objective number 1 (Directorial Decree of the Ministry for Education and Research, MIUR, number 1312, 09.07.2003).]
The main feature of the CRIL is its heterogeneous and highly sophisticated equipment, of kinds rarely available in the same laboratory.

At the CRIL, it is possible to observe, in an integrated way, the complex activity of larynx, tongue, lips, oro-facial muscles, as well as eye movements during the performance of audio-visual tasks in different communicative contexts, and to analyze at the same time the neurophysiologic responses of the cerebral cortex.

Exploiting interdisciplinary scientific skills, it is possible to make different equipment interact, with the aim of collecting observable data from different perspectives and deepening the integration between empirical data and theories.

Thus the CRIL is likely to be the ideal place for creating cross border fields of research among different disciplines, e.g. the areas of linguistics, medicine and engineering. Although researchers in those areas may make different assumptions and have different traditions, they may be all interested in studying the nature of human language, its variation and its invariance, its pathologies, and the acquisition processes for both first and second languages, as well as linguistic variation.

In short, the equipment of the CRIL laboratory allows an interdisciplinary approach with an aim to:

  • study of the acoustic-auditory and articulatory-aerodynamic nature of human language and its relationship with the neurophysiologic activity of the brain.
  • explore extensively the cerebral organization of human language from a neurocognitive perspective in the quest for a neural theory of human language.
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